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What is Turn Up & Play Paintball?
Every Saturday you can literally do just as it says – no need to book, no deposit necessary, no minimum numbers – just turn up!

When is it open?
Every Saturday

What are your opening times?
We open at 9.30am and we suggest not getting here later than 2.00pm (During winter months). 2.30pm throughout summer.

What if it’s raining?

What do I get for £10?
For this you will get all you need to play – overalls, goggles, gun and 200 Paintballs.

Does it hurt?
You know when you’ve been hit! But out of over 14,000 people who played last year only 5 stopped playing because of it hurting!

Do you have any protection?
You can hire ‘Body Armour’, Gloves, and Head Covers for £2 an item or £5 for all three (a small deposit will be needed).

How much is extra Paintballs?
Extra Paintballs are £9.50 for 200 Paintballs.

How old do you have to be to play?
We cater from 11 years and up. We do our best to run the juniors separate from adults although this cannot be guaranteed. If you have a party of 8 children or more for a party we can guarantee it as this is enough to run a game.

What happens when I turn up?
Once you turn up you will be asked to fill out a disclaimer (NB anyone under 16 will need an adult to sign their
disclaimer) and then ask how much paint you would like. Once you have paid, you will be issued with our Army overalls and usually within 10 minutes will be given a safety talk. After the safety talk you should be playing within 10-15 minutes.

What if there are only two of us/ Can I turn up on my own?
Just turn up and we will join you in with the rest!

Can we play by ourselves if there is a big group of us?
We will always try and cater for our customers needs but we can never promise – we have so far always managed to run big groups (15 or more) separately and we will endeavour to do so!

How long does it take?

Paintball depends entirely on the individual but here are some approximate times.

We recommend a minimum of 300 Paintballs to fully appreciate our Paintball experience.

200 Paintballs last - 60 minutes

300 paintballs - 90 minutes

500 Paintballs - Two and a half hours

900 Paintballs - Four hours

2000 Paintballs - All day

What do I need to bring?
Just yourself and footwear that could get muddy.

Can I buy food there?
We have a cafe which only serves confectionery , hot and cold drinks. You are welcome to bring your own food or order dominoes in at a discounted price.


Party Bookings are available but timings are approximate, and there may be a slight wait if we are busy! Again we will endeavor to have you playing as close as possible to your booking time as we run a first come first served policy!.

You are welcome to bring your own food/ picnic or order something in and use our cafe or outside picnic area.

For Junior Paintball (10 or more players) the games are run differently to the adults whom the Marshalls will discuss with the parents. Games are played so the juniors cannot get to close to each other so the shooting will be from a distance.

The Head Marshall will have final say to Junior Paintballers to whether they play or not. This will depend on behavior of the juniors. Safety is obviously our main concern and the Marshalls will allow the juniors to have fun but will be very strict with any junior’s misbehaving.