Steve Mills
I have been to a few paintball sites and apart from being the cheapest , it was one of the best. All the marshals were polite with no attitude which some other places have!

Paul 'Ostrich' Sweeney
Great day, Cheap paint, great venue, great food, even attractive girls selling the paint, what more could you ask!!!!!!!!!!

Alan Brooker
Normally i would spend over a £100 pound for me and my son, today spent £40! Great site guys, loved the Trench's. next time I WILL RESCUE VERNON!

Clive Burgess
Bloody Brilliant!! Normally i would have spent £80 - £90......just spent £35!!! Great work guys, can afford to come back in a couple of weeks!!!

Chris Ledger
Thanks Guys - for the price i was'nt expecting much but how wrong i was, have been to 6 venues and this is the most professionally run outfit yet! I don't know how you guys do it on those prices..def coming back soon!

Bob Chaucer
Just spent the best £20 ever! Had a great day, thanks , be back next week with all my mates

George Ganson
What a professional set up! The Marshals were superb, very friendly and couldn't do enough to help, from everything from the safety talk to the running of the games - my first time playing but def not my last (thanks guys for a great day!)

David Pitts
£35 -1000 paintballs! Thanks guys , a brill set up, very professional, i can't believe your prices...loved the D-Day landing, best game i have ever played!